During the studies

Training will be provided throughout the entire programme by the Nucleate programme, which has a local branch at the UniCA. Nucleate, created in Harvard University, is a student-led organization that represents the largest global community of bio-innovators worldwide with antenna (“named chapters) in several universities, the most prominent being Harvard, MIT, Yale, Columbia, Berkeley, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge. With a new antenna at UniCA, the programme is open to local master students and offers various sessions including: “monthly career chats” aimed at expanding awareness of careers in biotech, “quarterly networking series” aimed at sparkling new intellectual communities and build bridges within regional and national ecosystems and “insight journal club series” to help trainees understand the spin-out process. Students on the memBioMed programme will have the opportunity to take part in all these events either face-to-face during the first semester in France or by videoconference from other countries during the following semesters.


The MemBioMed program aims to be a catalyst for collaboration within academia, by promoting joint teaching, qualifications, and quality improvements. It facilitates global collaboration among institutions, enhancing the international dimension of higher education through mobility opportunities for students. Moreover, the program strategically aligns higher education, innovation, and research, removing barriers to learning for improved access to innovation-driven education. The MemBioMed program aims to foster an environment conducive to academic advancements and technological innovations by exposing students to unique technologies, fostering skill development, promoting networking, and driving innovation. Through staff exchanges and joint meetings, the program seeks to establish a shared sense of European values and equip students with the skills to lead groundbreaking research on Biomembranes. Recognizing the enduring importance of biomembrane research in biomedical science, the EMJM International Master in Biomembranes was established by three European Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) with an excellent track record in the field. This collaborative effort aims to combine complementary expertise to train the best students worldwide, preparing them to become future leaders in studying cellular membranes for applications in biomedicine, neuroscience, and nanotechnology.

MemBioMed stands out as a unique master's program that combines theory and practice. Unlike the prevalent "on-demand" courses, MemBioMed ensures a core set of skills in neuroscience, nanotechnology, and cell membrane studies essential to the health and pharmacology sectors. This program opens doors to careers in both companies and research laboratories, offering numerous internships, soft skills development, and a summer school to strengthen ties with industry. Partnerships with various laboratories further facilitate access to Ph.D. opportunities, making MemBioMed a comprehensive and impactful educational experience.

After studies

Skills targeted

Not available for this track.

Further studies

Upon completion of the M2, graduates from the MemBioMed Master may pursue a PhD in laboratories within the region primarily, but also elsewhere in France, in Italy, in Germany or abroad.

Career prospects

Graduated students can join research or development projects directly after the Master's. They can apply to public laboratories, university hospital centers, technological platforms, and R&D centers in biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies.