Fees & Scholarships

The programme enrolment fees will be paid to the Coordinating University. According to the French regulation for a Master programme the enrolment fee for European students is set at 243* euros per academic year (486 euros for the full programme of 120 ECTS). The programme fee for non-European students is set at 3770* euros per academic year (7 540 euros for the full programme of 120 ECTS).

  • These fees may vary yearly after evaluation from the French Government

Scholarshipholders are exempt from these enrolment fees and their monthly grant will be transferred according to the stipulation in the student agreement to the accounts of the respective students.

All students have to enrol for the Student and Campus Life contribution (CVEC) when studying at a French University (~100 euros per year) which has to be paid for by the students themselves and which cannot be paid for by the MemBioMed programme as it is mandatory by French law.

Students who do not complete the study programme by the end of the timeframe defined in the student agreement (two years), may, upon approval of the MMB, still enrol for a third year. In case a student does not complete the programme after an additional third year, this student will no longer be allowed to participate in the programme. In this case, the student will receive an official transcript listing the courses for which he/she has obtained credits.