Application & Registration


Applicants will apply to the Coordinating University, UniCA for the first year integration of the programme. The consortium as a whole, through the Selection and Examination Committee (SEC), will decide on admissions to the MemBioMed programme. Applicants will find all relevant information on the programme website: general information, admission criteria, application forms, deadlines for application, course content, information on scholarships and fees, etc. Selection criteria, selection process and timeline will be clearly stated on the website and thus available to all interested students.

  • Campus France offers the "EtudesenFrance" platform, which is the reference procedure for most non-EU countries. If the student resides in one of these countries, the "Etudes en France " procedure is mandatory to enrol in French Higher education.  It applies for foreign students residing in the 68 countries affiliated at Campus France. Applications are online. If the Campus France antenna issues a favourable opinion on the student’s background and validity of their documents, student applications must go through the Selection and Examination Committee (SEC) of the MemBioMed programme for a final selection following the criteria described in further.
  • For European students, the application will go through the “Monmaster” procedure. This platform is the new national French platform since February 2023. It applies for French nationals or nationals of the European Economic Area, Andorra, Switzerland or Monaco or others country not in « EtudeenFrance ».

Application dates for both platforms are subject to a French decree every year, timeline is usually as per below :

Etudes en France Mon Master
Application mid-March March
Selection April April-June
Confirmation of application May June-July

Following rules apply:

(a) The application process will be entirely online.

(b) No application will be accepted in any other form.

(c) Non-submitted applications, incomplete applications and applications received after the application deadline will not be taken into consideration.

(d) All completed applications will be recorded and archived to ensure full transparency of the selection process.

(e) The programme adheres to principles of equality and non-discrimination. No applicant is discriminated against based on gender, ethnicity, nationality, disability, or any other characteristic.


All students initially undergo enrolment at the Coordinating University, UniCA, and the Partner University UniGe, holding a comparable status at both institutions. This dual enrolment is a prerequisite for issuing multiple diplomas. In the second year, all students will extend their enrolment to include the three partner universities: UniCA, UniGe, and UOS.

Detailed information on the registration process will be available in the future on this website as well as through the MemBioMed coordinator officer.